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Global Best-Pactices to REDUCE DISEASE SPREAD for local businesses.

Increase in customer CONFIDENCE.

Learn about NEW IDEAS faster that will work for you.

Community recognition for being RESPONSIBLE.

Connect to a LARGER COMMUNITY of safe businesses across cities.


Researched from best practices around the world, these guidelines offer standardised practices for establishments to carry out their business in a ‘safe-mode’ to prevent spread of the virus. Establishments that follow these best practices will be certified and listed on COPE directory for customers to verify and raise concerns over any erring behaviour. This is a social experiment in creating a synergistic responsibility between communities and their local vendors to self-govern and self-organize safety habits to stay safe during this pandemic.

Iterations of this project include creating real-time communication channels for transferring new knowledge from one corner of the city to another while also transmitting latest directives / ordinances from the govt instantly to all enlisted network. A version update for the RWAs and gated communities through channel partners will also be rolled out soon.

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